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Intersections of Judaism and LGBT issues
LGBT Pastoral Care
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LGBT Pastoral Care
Gender Identity & Gender Transitions
A Letter from Parents about their Transgender Child
Resource type Article
Description/Summary This is a real letter to friends & family from parents of a transgender child who is transitioning at age five. Their actual names have not been used. They tell the story of their journey and provide insightful questions and answers, plus resources for ongoing education and learning.
Excerpt We have educated Connor about the realities of the world and how many people have different “rules” than we do about what boys and girls should be. No matter what potential reactions we told him people might have, Connor has been persistent in his choice of girls’ clothes. His art work has been consistent with his gender variance. Since age 2, he has drawn hundreds of self-portraits. Every single one has been as a girl....

"This past spring, Connor took on a “Daisy” or “Miss Daisy” persona when playing school or store, and sometimes when we called his name, he would insist on being called Daisy. This summer, during a family therapy session, Connor requested to be called Daisy and referred to as “she” all the time. She reports that she has thought about the name change since Pre-K!!!”
Link to resource media Letter to friends & family from parents ...
Publication date August 2011
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